dinsdag 29 december 2015

Lego Build: 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype

In today`s build report I`m putting together the polybag set of Star Wars Rebels for the TIE prototype fighter.

Piloted in the series season 1 by most noteably The Inquisitor, the vessel has rounded wings overthere, something not easily done with in essence square bricks, and on this small scale.

But the set comes with a very intresting building technique, and the result is rather pleasing.

Opening the bag we get the instructions leaflet and a pile of mostly grey elements.

It all starts around a 2x4 technic plate, to which the rounded elements are then attached to make the flat bodywork of the fighter.

At the underside, a technic pin is being inserted.

We make a second flat build like before with the technic plate as the centre, and then we get this intresting buildtechnique.  As we first put on the ion engine at the back of one side, both sides are connected to each other by the pin, but both sides with their studs showing outwards.

The clear canopy piece is then attached to the front to lock both sides nicely in place.

Next, 4 small wings are then assembled to recreate the curving of the vessels on the hingepieces.

And the TIE stands assembled

Including a single extra piece

While not 100% representive of the cartoon contemporary, for the reasons I stated on the beginning, this isn`t a bad polybag at all.  The technique for both halves is intresting, and it is in a good scale with other small sets.  Considering to this it`s one of the more readily available polybags of Star Wars around, it`s a nice set to have in your collection.

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