dinsdag 8 december 2015

Lego advent days 5 to 8

Due to Brick Mania Liege, I didn`t manage to open my calendar the past weekend, so here is the update of the past 4 doors.

I left off on day 4 with a Black Knight minifigure in my Castle calendar, and let`s see how it proceeds.

On day 5, he gets a small cart to keep enemy cavalry at bay with the fearsome looking spears, and it comes with an extra red clip element.

Day 6 provides us with the battle armour for the knight, containing his helmet and a stand to keep the body armour on display.  It also had an extra plume.

Day 7 saw us opening the Queen, one of the fantastic figures in this box with excellent torso and robepiece prints.  She also has a frog, but it seems the kiss didn`t work to make him a prince, judging by her face.  An extra crown was also included for the parts box.

Today`s entry, day 8, has the throne for the queen, which also gives us some nice additional parts in gold with a slope and a jumper piece extra.

And so we are back on track for the daily opening of the advent set, tomorrow we are back in the regular daily schedule :-)

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