maandag 14 december 2015

Lego Build: 41527 Rokkit

In today`s build I`m tackling one of the four Mixels I`ve won at Brick Mania Liege with the prize draw.

Surely, I could have sold them if I wanted, and the whole Mixels theme on itself doesn`t intrest me much, but then there is that added detail called `mixel joints`.

They are strong, they are usefull for the Mecha I`m building, and so I went about to putting the little set together once, before sorting it out again in my parts boxes.

You get a bag of parts in the packaging, and the instruction manual which also shows a small `drawn` version of the Mixel in his Cartoon Network style appearance.

The first and logical thing to build is the central `core` of the figure, being the body against which the limbs and details will be added.  This is done by connecting hinged plates and the joint receptacle`s together.

To the side of it are the eyes attached, minifigure heads with a large eye printed on them.

The front gets slopes to make the teethed maw, while at the back we insert the necessary elements to make his jetpack.

The arms are simple three piece affairs, which are then attached to the body.  Red lightsaber blade elemenst are then attached to show his `beams`.

The top dome is made up of small golden elements under a transparent cuppola.  This is then placed atop the head.

Finally we make the two feet and attach that to the body as well.

The set also comes with a secondary small creature, a small and easy build that comes with a face printed on a white tile.

The full set completed:

And the extra pieces we got with this little set:

The Mixels are not that ingenious in builds, and personally the looks do nothing to me, but they do come as I said with the excellent joint pieces, as well as usually some intresting elements and / or colours.

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