dinsdag 22 december 2015

Lego Build: 40139 Gingerbread House

The last of the 5 christmas season builds to do this year, this was the second exclusive promo you got in the begining of the month if you spend 65+ euro in the store.

So in the end, I clocked of on 3 copies of the little house, and I personally think that just like the train this year, the seasonal promotions are drop dead gorgeous.

Opening the box, we get a long plate, 4 bags of parts and the instruction booklet.

Starting with two curved plates on which we add candy styled decorations, the long plate and the other curved ones are added and we get a nice floor plan size.

We draw the circumference of the house in the nougat brown bricks, and start the base of the window frames.

These windows are made up of a multitude of 1x1 plates in various transparent colours and then inserted into the frames.

The walls are further build up around the windows.

The door is then constructed and inserted into the front of the house. 

In front of the house, brightly coloured pillars are made of 1x1 rounds, and the top of the house is `locked together` by using white plates.

A lot of these fantastic twirly printed pieces are included for the overal decoration.

The pointed front and back are build up to form the centre of the roofing.

These are a mirrored build of very colourful elements on white plates, which are then connected to the walls and `bend close` for making the pointed roof.

The next thing we do is to add and build the chimney on the roof.  With a lovely white cone to boot...

The final little build is a candy cane for outside decoration.

The full build completed

And the nice stack of additional pieces.

As I said, 2015 was a true winner for exclusive seasonal promotion sets, and it`ll be hard for lego I think to churn out some just a lovely ones next year.

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