vrijdag 18 december 2015

Lego Build: 40124 Winter Fun

Today`s build report takes you along the one of the small seasonal sets that went for 9.99 in retail this year.  You know, those little sets scalpers take to buy by the dozen and then sell for double or triple the price on release day...

The set is rather okay at 99 parts, with two minifigure children and a husky, one of the main attractions for me (bar well, I buy those seasonal`s anyways).

Opening the box we get the instruction booklet as well as three bags of parts and two white plates that will form the base for the build.

Now, but first something about the minifigures.  I love the husky, but I`m seriously disappointed in the male figure.  The problem is he comes with a doublesided head... but the back of his helmet is to short, resulting in his mouth showing under the back of it.  It`s even sillier if you do it with the smile face, I`m actually a bit suprised this managed to get through the set controls...

But onwards to building the set itself.  The first thing we get to build is the little snowman.  It`s simple yet elegant in it`s design, and the stovepipe hat is always handy afterwards.

The front door facade of the set is the main build of this little box, and we start by connecting both the white plates with the help of gray ones at their bottom.

Flipping it around, we then commence the build up of what is essentially the doorframe.  Together with the white baseplates and some selected tiles placed at the right spots, the illusion of a snowed walkway is well represented.

Once the full frame is build up, we insert the door into it, including a merry piece of christmas ornaments on the doorknob.

The overhang of the door is also completely snowed under, a big difference with the current weather here in Belgium, where less then a week before christmas we are having day temperatures of 17 degrees instead of the normal ones around freezing point...

A small tree is added to the lawn and the front door is ready.

The final part of the set is the small snowscooter vehicle.  This is a pretty basic design based around a red 2x4 plate.  Add some handlebars to the bottom and a slope to the top and it is basically done, feels like an advent calendar gift if you ask me.

The full set completed:

And a selection of additional parts that came in the box:

In all honesty, I think this is one of the weaker seasonal sets Lego has put out the last years.  Sure the husky is nice, but on the other hand there is the whole head issue on the minifig, the fact the doorway isn`t that exciting compared to for example the Trick and Treat one from this year`s Halloween, and the rather dull snowscooter.

But it still can take it`s place on the christmas decoration here in the living room... though in all honesty, it`ll be the one to the side rather then the center...

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