dinsdag 8 december 2015

Doctor Who season 9

What... a... season!!!

From the word go, we have been on a rollercoaster ride in this 12 episodes numbering season, and Peter Capaldi really proved that an experienced actor, not matter how good a job Tennant or Smith as coming stars did, serves any series.

Most of the season was divided in 2 part episodes, with an overhanging arc of a Confession Dial, which is basically the testament of a Time Lord.  The whole season hinted at the fabled Hybrid of the earlier `pre- restart` era, a mythical being made from two warrior races.

Add to this a Doctor with an identity crisis and an immortal, and we get a strong and intense season to watch.  I can`t really say what episode I liked the most, I think probably the one in the underwater base, but I can exactly point my finger at the strongest moment of the whole new Who series since it restarted in 2006.

The speech Peter Capaldi delivers at the end of the Zygon Inversion two part episode.  Intense, heavy, and I fear one of the younger predecessors (okay, bar Chris then perhaps) would have been able to bring it to the screen in such a way.

Add as a sweet desert the ultimate fate of Clara and we know we will be looking for a new companion in the future, the fact we saw a TARDIS as how it looks `stock model`, and the fact there is now an american diner flying through time and space as well, and we might forget even that Gallifrey returned on top.

This was for me by far the strongest season of the whole new start, with a Doctor who showed his `true colours` as an actor and award winner, and at last, in the final moments before the christmas trailer he gets his own unique (and damn good looking) Sonic Screwdriver.

Because if I had to point to one thing I didn`t like this year, it must have been the sonic sunglasses gimmick...

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