vrijdag 11 december 2015

Lego Build: 40125 Santa`s Visit

Now that Saint Nicolas has departed, back to Spain, the time of Christmas Jolly is approaching, and this year I`ve build all the sets for the season.

Both seasonal sets, both exclusive gift sets and the Toy Store, all of which will be passing the blog build treatment in the coming days before the 24th.

We kick off with set 40125, the seasonal set that includes Mr Claus himself.

Opening the box we get a booklet, two small baseplates and three bags of parts.

On the minifigure level, we get Santa Claus as well as a cat.

The vignette is based on both plates combined, added together at the bottom by dark grey plates to make the frame.

The top side we get the ground outline for the chimney.  The room has a wooden floor and a colourfull rug in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace is then build up, with a gentle fire simmering inside it.

The mantlepiece and chimney are then raised next, adding height to the little build, and socks and decorations added.

The next thing is the comfy seat for Santa Claus to take rest in.

We also provide a small table with cookies for our visitor to enjoy.

The second build in the set is a christmas tree to go with the room, based on the SNOT principle of modern day brick build trees.

And the full set stands completed in all it`s seasonal glory:

We also get a nice selection of additional parts.

It`s definitly a cute little decoration set for the holiday season if you ask me, and with some nice elements to boot to recuperate afterwards.

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