maandag 21 december 2015

Inspirational Lego #49

So I take most by now have watched the newest Star Wars movie, so it`s time to prepare ourselves for the debauchery of food and presents called `the holiday season`.

Due to that, episode 50 will be posted next tuesday instead of monday, as I have `family business` going on next monday, but first things first, here is the selection for this week :-)

We start of the week by another great build by `DC`, and Derfell did another fantastic job on this build in his Dark Island saga.  The angled roofs, the small towers at the top.. it just breathes atmosphere.

The next one is this awesome chinese pagoda.  Blossoming trees, villagers going on in their daily lives, it all makes this build work.

We all know the famous scene where Batman and Robin climb the building wall in the 60s series, but here the secret is revealed of how they actually did that.

Artic and Mars subthemes are just a match made in (orangy) heaven...

I saw this in the flesh at BMA as well, it is just fantastic how both Robocop and ED are build and go together.

This spacefighter looks like a lovechild between Vic Viper and a Colonial Viper if you ask me.  Great detailing going on in the launchbay hangar all adds to the awesomeness of the build.

Well, no comment necessary about what this is I think...

A great build of which I know at least one female friend that would want it...

Classic Space styled dinosaurs are awesome looking machines for your interplanetary expeditions!

We end the selection this week with this incredible detailed and realistic build of the average living room, I love the various techniques included in this one.

And now it`s time to be jolly and prepare for days on end of eating to much and complaining about bursting stomach`s, all the while trying to keep little grappling claws from my Lego collection.  Ah, the joy of christmas ;-)

See you all next week for the last one of this year!

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