zaterdag 12 december 2015

Lego Build: 41087 Bunny and Babies

In love this petite little set that came out in the Friends range this year.  I`m not averse to the so often stigmatised `girly Lego`, as I find it a ready source of great elements in superb colours.

And the added benefit is that the range`s smaller sets often appear in the local Kruidvat stores at discounts, this one going 3.79 instead of the RRP of 4.99, and they often have actions like 2+1 if you buy toys... which include Lego.

So needless to say, I already bought quit a few of these little boxes.

While it contains the booklet, a plate and a single bag of pieces when you break the seal...

... THIS is the reason I love it.  We get a bunny and two of her young siblings.  Those rabbits are really cute and in a great scale to be included in the regular MOC builds I tend to make as local wildlife.

The build is fairly simple, which is normal at about 45 pieces.  The first thing we get is a carrot in a flower patch.

The main build consists of the light green plate bordered by tan and caramel pieces.

On top of this, we add some pastel coloured elements to get nice contrasts.

Add a walking plank, and the set is already completed.

Is it a spectacular build?  No, not at all, BUT it comes with a great selection of colours, a handy plate, and three rabbits, so for me this is pure win.  Especially when I pay like 7.58 for three of the sets every few months :-)

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