dinsdag 1 december 2015

Lego Build: 21304 Ideas Doctor Who

The hype of today, and mine is already build.  For a die-hard fan like myself, and then I`m not talking all those Tennant+ era new fans, but one watching it since 1984, this is perhaps the wettest dream come true (okay, unless they release a UCS Enterprise... you never know).

Now let me start with a bold statement.  Like Scooby-Doo was a suprise wave last year, I fully expect a Doctor Who wave by Lego in 2016.  I said it during Dimensions, and seeing the relative small Ideas set and it`s limited run, no way Lego shelves out that much for a license and don`t do that much with it set wise.

Mark my words: around July a 5+ sets big Doctor Who wave will be coming!

But to the Ideas set.  Like all the previous ones, it comes in a sturdy box and a thick, colourfull booklet with a heap of source material in it.  Bags are unnumbered like in the good old days.

The set contains two Doctors, being the most recent ones in Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith, as well as Jenna Coleman, the just deceased companion Clara.

And it also contains this GORGEOUS Weeping Angel. 

Look at that lovely face.  Just don`t blink!

The first part of the build if the Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, or for short TARDIS, control room.  Mind you that whatever you see in this build report, everything is PRINTED, no decals what so ever.

The outlines of the control room are getting clear, including the `basement` floor section the doctor often tinkers with cables and whotnot`s.

The next part is the ramp where the exterior of the TARDIS will be able to be connected to.

We then move on to the actual walkway where all the consoles and the time pillar will be placed on.

The staircase so prominent in the series is represented as well.

Once that central base is ready, we move on to construct the time pillar itself, the heart of the TARDIS.

It uses inverted techniques to add direction to the pillar.

Once the attachment parts for the consoles are added, the pillar is placed in the center of the base.

A series of consoles, differentiating in small print pieces or transparent studs, are then made to be attached to the pillar.

This particular one is one I`m going to need a dozen off.  For the front plates of MOCs...

The side railings and panels are then build and placed, completing the central core build.

The next part of the build are the two Dalek`s included in the box.  Now in all honesty, the one that is coming to Dimensions in january does look better, but still, it are Daleks :-)

Build around a central core, they are then plated on the sides with the necessary laser gun and the `toilet plumber tool` they have on the series.

The top of the Daleks are also printed.

But then we move on to the iconic part of the set, the blue Police Box build.  Using a dark blue, it looks just as in the series.

The walls at the back can open, giving you the option to connect it to the console room, or to close them up and have the box very tempting to put down in all sorts of MOC environments.

And yes, the `Pull` notice and the cross are present!

The raised area is where you can pose a figure and then close the walls to have your Time Lord whopping around the galaxy and time.

The next part is then the detachable roof, which opens by ingenious use of flipping up side paneltops.

And the full set stands completed!

And contained a few extras as well...

Personally, I love this set, it`s my childhood that now spans into the generation after me in a better way then for example the Michael Bay Transformers movies.  Now just go back and read that statement I made at the beginning...

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