zondag 13 december 2015

The Haul Report #7

Another week of grabbing thingies left and right that I moght have some use for, I also found a fantastic christmas gift this time.

We started the week with the last of the polybags the local newspaper gave out, the Star Wars Rebels AT-DP walker.  

Though not the most spectacular of the range they brought out in the run-up to the new movie, at 2.95 it is nevertheless cheaper then in the Lego store these days.

The next thing I found is something that comes with the personal `Warning, do not enter!` label.  Kruidvat now sells the Faran and the Hidden Cove set from the Elves range for 11.99, so I`m keeping an eye out for their usual 2+1 and the likes promotions and then will be swooping in for a heap more of these little boxes.
The amount of transaparent parts, the browns and dark reds... heck even the hairpiece is great for a regular minifigure!

Later that day, our annual christmas decoration set arrived as well from the Lego online shop.  With yet another Gingerbread House... which means I now have 3 trains and 2 houses left over from the end of year gifts period, I`m certain I will be able to trade them around for some sets I like myself in the future.  Or crack the seals for the bricks...

While corting and checking through the old sets I bought from my mate a few weeks ago, there was also a small box in it with nothing else then promotion inserts and the likes from halfway the 80s.  The coolest of them must definitly be this little `in set` catalogue of the 1988 range, a day when monorails still drove around the Lego world.

Friday I did my usual tour of visiting the second hand shop here in Merksem, and I did some great finds.  The first is a big bag of about 2 kilo of seperate Lego elements, knocking me back 9 euro, but I also found a bag of the `pre Duplo` bricks for the 6 month nephew old as a christmas gift.  At 6 euro, this is the ideal way to start his trip down to the Brick Side of childlife...

The final catch was in the newly opened Rekhet store.  I managed to find this classic Defenders of the Earth DVD box, still sealed, for mearly 4 euro.  Childhood enjoyment ahead!

So this has been a good week with some nice unexpected finds to boot :-)

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