dinsdag 29 december 2015

Project Merak MOC: The Viking versus The Wolf

The most reason display build I completed for my ongoing Project Merak has been the Viking versus the Fenris Wolf, from the Vikings theme.

As I said when I did the build report for the set, if there was one range that I felt `beugh` about that I missed it during my Dark Ages, it must be the Viking line, so I`m definintly going to be adding them to my Castle lay-out as I continue building them.

While the larger plates are in the lines of green and village life, I would love to build the vikings on a higher sort of raised display bases, to represent the more grey and cold Northern lands.

To that end, I have been building a snowy rockscape for the setting, with the viking being in a raised positions to face off the legendary wolf, and the first setting for the northern section of my future lay out build :-)

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