zondag 27 december 2015

Inspirational Lego #50

In this week`s episode, one day earlier as I`m not available tomorrow, I`m presenting you with another 10 awesome builds found on the internet.

And let`s start this one off with a really big ship...

The american battleship USS Missouri, in all it`s regal glory, and with a LOT of crewmen.  This is a truly magnificent build and was on show this fall in the States, drawing much deserved attention
The ship has a lot of great details like the small AA guns and everything...

Next up, we got a great poseable (but not transforming) build of Bumblebee, probably the most well known autobot out there.

This little build popped up in Andromeda`s Gate, and I love the `innocent` look it ports over from the The Lego Movie into this.

These ruins are just so realisticly done, with the lichen and all.

Baby Stewie, probably the most likeable figure from Family Guy.

This is a great scene, bonus points to those that can actually name the film, but I personally think it captures the atmosphere of scavenger / high tech perfectly.

One of the first ideas that sprang in people`s minds back when the first trailer of The Force Awakens popped up, was that Rey`s speeder looked like a Magnum ice cream.  This builder has taken that literally and it just looks great.

Another iconic spaceship, the space shuttle with the legendary name is just a beauty to behold.


The final build is perhaps the biggest oddity from this years Shiptember, as this portal powered, rock hulled ship zips the spacelanes to bring the mage to it`s destination.

And so ends the final episode of this year, I hope you enjoyed it and see you all again next year!

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