zaterdag 26 december 2015

The Haul Report #9

Hohoho, I hope you all have been good this year, and Santa has filled your stockings with everything your heart desires.  He surely did here...

Instead of putting it all a day later, this week I`m moving both the Haul and the Inspirational a day forward, as I`m out on a Christmas trip to Canterbury with my mother monday.

Now, the first things I got is for `that other thing I like to do`, namely cooking.  I managed to obtain two Sekitobei knives, japanese cutting knives.  Now, the way you actually cut with these is different from our european knives, think of it like the everlasting sword vs katana discussion on which is better.  While we `stab and pull`, you notice the curvature of these knives is different, and it`s main cutting area is the rounded side near the handle, causing you to `place and push` more in style.

I also got a second AT-DP polybag this week thanks to a mate.

I needed to visit the Wijnegem Shopping Centre earlier this week for a calendar, and I dropped by and picked up a Flash Speeder as well, yielding me my second `red arm C-3PO and the chirstmas tree ornament as well.

But then it was christmas eve.  First of all, I got a fantastic present from the in-laws, but I prefer not to picture it for private reasons.  I did get some other cool things as well that I can share though.

The GF got me this level pack for Lego Dimensions, the Back to the Future set so that I now have all the level packs present that have been released so far.

And from my brother and sister in-law I got a nice smelling shower gel, as well as this to funny Darth Vader booklet.  I had the Darth Vader and Son calendar last year and just love the drawing style of these.

Yesterday, it was off to my side of the family, where I hauled a stack of Lego sets from mum and dad, while the Smurf got me Benny for Lego Dimensions :-)  The Chima and Friends sets are also a sort of a milestone, it`s the first time ever my mother got me something I didn`t know about from Lego :-)

So that was a great set of christmassy gifts, so indeed I must have been a good boy as Santa didn`t pass me buy.

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