woensdag 30 december 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6595 Surf Shack

The penultimate day of the year, and probably the penultimate build report for this little corner of the internet to be posted up.  I`ll find a small hole probably somewhere tomorrow to sneak in another backlog article ;-)

Today`s build report tackles one of the sets I got from Vincent this year when I bought most of his collection, the 1993 Surf Shack.

A set consisting of 80 parts and coming with 3 minifigures, it was part of a small `at the beach` range in the classic Lego City (known as Classic Town on BL) range, and wasn`t really that popular actually.

These three figures are the macho surfer dude, a moustached shopkeeper and the bar lady.

It also featured three surfing boards with their plastic sails.  I didn`t attach them on fully in order to not damage them.

The shack is based on two yellow plates, a 6x12 and a 6x14, whom serve as the underground and are connected with each other by means of white bricks.

On the one side we are building the boards rack, while on the other the counter of the shack starts getting build up.  Long bricks are used to form the pillars of the little bar.

Once the covering plate is added to these, we put on some palmleaves to give it a tropical appearance.

Some more details like a decalled sign and flags are then put on top of this small roof structure.

And the build stands completed.

It is in the end a really simple and unimpressive build, and I can see how it didn`t really became a highly popular subtheme.  If you`re a City builder, you`d have to dedicate a whole section of `beach` for the range to include them, and they aren`t that `WAW` overall, so they ended up being passed over for a new police or construction worker section in all probability.

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