vrijdag 4 december 2015

Lego Advent day 4

Opening door number 4 today on the Kingdoms calendar, we get another minifigure in the form of the Black Knight.

Apparently, our smith is now all set up, so we move onwards to the next guy, who comes with a nice black printed armour, a grey bearded head (from the vikings range, not seeable with the helmet) and a bad looking mace.

Of which we also got one extra.

Now the next few days will be posted up in one go on either sunday or monday.  This has to do with the fact that I`m leaving for Brick Mania Liege tomorrow early morning, and I`m not 100% sure if I`ll be back either on sunday evening or monday afternoon yet, so it all shifts a bit in planning due to this, well, unexpected extra exhibition date on my agenda :-)

So have a nice weekend everyone!

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