zondag 13 december 2015


Every legend has it`s beginning... that`s the catchy slogan for the latest Peter Pan movie.

And this is indeed the origin story of the boy that didn`t want to grow up, Peter Pan, but with perhaps some strange directions if you are only familiar with the Disney version.


The movie starts when London is being attacked during World War 2.  In an orphanage, children get stolen by Pirates, and when the ship takes off with a boy named Peter amongst the stolen, it travels into space... and toward Neverland.
Here, Peter is set to work in the mines by Blackbeard... wait, Blackbeard????  And what about Captain Hook???  Well, he is younger, whole still, and together with Smee set out to liberate Peter as they find out he can fly.
They escape to the tribal nations, where Peter is recognised as being `The Pan`, saviour of Neverland from the evil Blackbeard.  But just when he is about to prove this, the village is attacked by the Pirates.

Peter and his friends escape the massacre of the villagers, and set out to find the Elven kingdom and his mother.  Even though he learns she was killed by Blackbeard, he decides to stick with his friends and try to stop Blackbeard. 
But the Pirate captain has followed him, and forces him to open the gateway to reap havoc in the kingdom of the Elves.  Peter awakens his full potential and together with the pixies puts an end to the tyranny.


This was a beautiful movie.  Perhaps not the best movie of 2015, it definitly was gorgeously done with all the bright colours, a strong performance by `Wolverine` Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, and very awesome flying galleons.

So if you want to have a nice evening film to watch, Pan is definitly one to have on your menu!

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