zondag 20 december 2015

The Haul Report # 8

A fresh week, and a fresh pile of stuffsies added to the collection...

Of course, the unpayable haul this week was getting a seat in the early morning opening of Star Wars the 16th, but apart from that, I did get some pretty cool toys to boot.

The first is at last the buildable Darth Vader.  I`m not a die-hard fan of Lego Star Wars, owning not that many sets of the theme, but that doesn`t mean that once in the while there is a set I really like.  This large scale Darth Vader is one such set, based on the principles of the Chima Chi models and the likes, you build a frame and dress it up with details.  It also yielded me yet another calendar and I got the this months promo figure of the red armed C-3PO with it.  And I snatched an R2-D2 keychain as well to go over the required buy limit and have some in reserve as my keychains tend to go along for about half to one year ;-)

The mailman was a very welcome guest this week, as he dropped two movies in the mailbox.  The first is the extended BluRay + DVD Steelbox edition of the final The Hobbit extended edition, The Battle of the Five Armies.

The other movie is the second one Beyond the Brick released through the Kickstarter platform, complete with limited edition Lego window as a backer reward.  That is the second Lego dvd you can find me on the end credits off hehe.

I also managed to add another Egyptian Warrior and a Spectre to my `usuable CMF` pile, as I did a trade through Miniature Trading, sending a Spider Lady and a Tiger Girl in return, this time to Greece.

The final item I got is the bi-monthly Transformers Collector`s Club magazine.  It`s always a nice read but a bit to short for my tastes, I doubt I`ll be extending the subscription after trying it out for a year...

So in the end, not a bad catch at all :-)

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