zondag 27 december 2015

WiP: BeLUG Timeline build

It debuted at Brick Mania Antwerp, will continue at Brick and Tricks Tielt, and I aim to join in at Brick Mania Wetteren: the Timeline club build.

The idea is to have every participant build a module on 2 plates of 32x32, and then connect them so you get a sort of `walk through history` shown.  Here you can see how far they already where at Antwerp:

The basic lay out and sizes of the plates is on a predetermined scale, looking like this:

Now personally, I am going for a `cavemen` era build, in which I want to create a sort of hidden valley where the cavemen are going about on their daily lives, but on the road I`m going to place a lone archeologist (the paleontologist) digging up fossils, not knowing she is standing right in front of a true treaure trove of history.

The first thing was to of course build the plate and fill it up to make it `stiff` enough

This also allows me to reuse and icorporate an old Age of Mitgardia gatehouse build, seen on the back of the build.

Now I`m going to be building up the hills further, before moving to the foliage and trees.  I`m still playing with some ideas to add a `fun` twist to it, but I am not entirely sure which way to go on those yet, so that`ll be a bit of trial and error until I find something that fits my tastes.

I`ll keep you posted!

On a totaly different note, I also have been working on my next Age of Mitgardia build, the `House Phase 3` which is inspired by the reinforced Norman houses from around the early Dark Ages period.

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