zondag 20 december 2015

The Lego 2016 `hitlist`

Earlier this week, the first half of 2016 Lego catalogue appeared online, so it was time to drool over the goodies and select the `must haves`.

And I must say, I`m comming off on the cheap end this year, there aren`t any really expensive sets in it that I want.

On the other hand, the theme I liked the most sets from is... Elves.  I really adore the range, as they come with great elements and colours, and this year they are going to release... DRAGONS.  And Chu is intrested in some of them as well :-)

41171 Emily Jones & Baby Wind Dragon
The little beast is just to cute, and the bar of chocolate she is holding... I expect this set to turn up rather soon in Kruidvat and the likes, so this is going to be the number one `mass purchase` target when they run their usual 2+1 actions and the likes for me.

41172 Water Dragon Adventure
One of the sets Chu is intrested in as well, the blue dragon is just to cute and gorgeous in one.

41174 Starlight Inn
Great colours and elements, and a too cute baby dragon, this one will be added to the collection somewhere down the line in 2016, whilst not a priority.  I also love the overal look of the building, it`ll probably end up in my Castle layout somewhere as well ;-)

41175 Fire Dragon Lava Cave
The second of the three new `big dragons`, he comes in an orangy yellow.  Not as cute though I think as the blue one, but nice nevertheless.

41176 Secret Market Place
I LOVE this one.  Green dragon is awesome, green being `my colour`, but the purple staircase and all make it just a fantastic looking little building.

The other really `must have` set I have my eye on this year, and actually the ONLY superheroes one, is 76053, Batman Gotham Cycle Chase.  This one actually (at last!) has the blue haired version of Harley Quinn, a minifigure that is going to appear on my arm ever since I saw the Lego comic cover last year with the Batman 3 video game.

This years `gift voucher` set is going to come from the Creator line.  People know what a big child I am, so I tend to get toy store vouchers often.  For that reason, I always select a set that is in the lower price range yet readily available and containing a lot of bricks for value.  Creator, and the animal sets in particular, are great for just that, and the new one, 31044 Park Animals, fits the bill perfectly.

Another selection of `filler sets`, but then for the Lego website itself, are the three Medieval mixels that are coming out this year.  Usually you need something small to add to your order for free shipping, and considering these are 4.99 each, and shipping is 5.95, it`s a fair trade off to usually fill in that last euro or two you`d need to qualify for the free shipping.  While 41557 Camillot and 41558 Mixadel will be `for the parts` alone, I do have a plan for a single copy of the winged horse, 41559 Paladum.

The final thingie that caught my eye is the only Star Wars set so far from the 2016 catalogue that attracted my attention.  The Microfighter 75127 The Ghost is a way cheaper set to get a copy of Hera then the 120 euro set of the full scale The Ghost.

Okay, I know the Ghostbusters HQ is coming out next week, but I`m still not 100% sure if I`ll get it, and of course there is an UCS Snowspeeder announced for 2016, something I DO like forward to and will more then probably get!

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