maandag 14 december 2015

Inspirational Lego #48: Star Wars The Force Awakens

In about 48 hours from the moment I`m typing this, I`m in the theatre watching the highly anticipated instalment of the Star Wars saga.  How fast the 2 years since it`s release date announcement have passed...

So for that, today`s inspirational build is all about the latest Star Wars movie.  Considering the film isn`t out yet, this means that all the builds are based on flashes from the trailers and television spots, so that`s some pretty awesome work going on here.

The most impressive image we got to see way back in the first trailer was that of a crashed Star Destroyer on a desert planet.

This build is all about the new `hero` of the movies, Finn, rumoured to be Lando`s Calrissian son, something that leaked due to a jigsaw puzzle that came out a month ago or such.

TIE fighters are back in the film, though with some overhauling and being dual seaters now apparently.  The red and black colourscheme is a nice twist, breaks up the usual monotone grey colourschemes I always found a bit bland in the series.

BB-8 seems to be the new main droid in the film, as he finds rey and tags along with her.

So no idea what is going to happen to the old heroes, C3-PO and R2-D2, though I expect them to be in every one of the movies.  They have to keep up their streak of appearing in every movie so far after all...

The First Order is all about honouring the old Empire, and it seems they salvaged some of the war machines from ages ago.  Like this AT-AT `sans head` walker.

Kylo Ren is not a Sith.  Nor is Luke Kylo.  But they both do carry lightsabers, Luke his faithfull green one, while Ren has something like a light broadsword, incl. small lasered crossbars.

This is a funny piece of action build, as TIE fighters chase the Falcon in the trailer, lovely recreated in microscale here.

Another prominent design seen in the trailers, and so far the only set I bought, is Rey`s speeder bike which looks like a large Magnum ice cream.  But it has a special look, and no wonder it showed up in a few builds already.

The final build I found on the net so far is that of the toppled over AT-AT, whom has been repurposed as the supports of a market like settlement.

And that`s it for this special, now I`m just going to nervously count down the hours until I plump my butt in the movie theatre seat, and see you all again next week for more amazing builds found on the internet!

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