zaterdag 19 december 2015

Lego Build: 30320 Gallimimus Trap

Okay, let`s face it, lego made a boo-boo with this one.  It`s not a Gallimimus, but actually a "Compy' that comes in the polybag.

But that aside, this is one heck of a decent value for money bag, and for one particular reason which I`ll point out when we get there.

Opening the bag we get some pieces, the instruction leaflet and of course the dinosaur.

The beastie is really well done, and has a great printjob on it.  I have about half a dozen of these, and the set with some additional ones has been added together in a MOC that has been doing some events now in the recent weeks.

The trap itself is made on a 4x4 dark gray place, with a printed yellow tile. 

Warning lights are added just in case when the trap is sprung to warn the minders.

And THIS ladies and gentlemen, is why I love the set.  The tile is printed with the Jurassic World logo, not a decal, and I ordered a few dozen of those bar all the ones I got from this polybags.  They make excellent parts to go on the front of the display`s I tend to build for these sets.

The tile is the centerpiece of the swivelling trappart, which holds a piece of chicken to attract the beasties.

This is added to the basesection, and a chain to ensnare the dinosaurs rounds out the trap itself.

The full set completed:

And the additional parts:

It`s a great little set, with an excellent dinosaur model, and two great printed tilepieces, well worth the few euro they tended to go for when the polybag came out past june.

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