woensdag 30 december 2015

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

And so my I finally saw all the Harry Potter movies at last... about 4 months after his kids went to school.

Now, contrary to the previous two movies, which suffered to hard in book vs movie levels, this one was actually a rather enjoyable action flick I think.

The story continues where we left off in part 1, with Harry now hunting down the final Horcrux and needing to return to Hogwarts to do just that.  In doing so, he learns that Dumbledore`s younger brother, Aberforth, was the one watching over his shoulder in the previous year.

But as he arrives at the castle, Voldemort decides to launch his grand attack on the ancient school, and the defences are activated by McGonogall.  Which is actually pretty awesome when the statues are animated.

While the battle causes a lot of injuries and casualties, they manage to fight the dark lord to a stalemate, but Harry then learns the truth about Severus at last, and realises the weakness of Voldemort.  He goes to face him to have himself killed, but knows he won`t die thanks to the love of those that protect him even after death, and with the Ressurection Stone in his possession.

He confronts Voldemort for a final time, and as Neville strikes down the final Horcrux, Nagini, the power of the Dark Lord is broken as his soul is now completely shattered...

... which brings me to a big rant about Harry Potter.

The Boy Who Lived.  The Prophecy.  The One To Kill Voldemort...

I rather like to clal him the most overrated wizard ever (at the risk of sounding Snape`ish), but I have a case for this.  In all movies, he actually never accomplished anything by himself...

Movie 1: it was the mirror that actually overcame Voldemort
Movie 2: he only survives thanks to the intervention of the phoenix and the Sorting Hat
Movie 3: he needs Hermione to take him back in time to defeat the Dementors
Movie 4: his parents spirits appear to hold off Voldemort so he can escape
Movie 5: about everyone that appeared in the movies needs to rush to the rescue
Movie 6: this time, it`s first Dumbledore, then Snape doing the hands down work
Movie 7: he gets lost in the woods, and Ron saves his life, while later it is Dobby that sacrifices himself.
Movie 8: a flawed wand and a rouse, before Neville takes down the snake and kills Voldemort that way

You see, he is brave, no discussion about that, but if you look at it, not once, ever in any of the movies, did he overcome the plot mainlines just by himself, he always needed to have help from the outside.

It does make Dumbledore`s words true though... At Hogwart`s, Those That Ask Help Shall Receive It

But apart from that, yes I enjoyed the movies, and if I should name my favorite ones, that would be in first place The Chamber of Secrets, then The Goblet of Fire and as third place notation this movie...

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