maandag 21 december 2015

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

Movienight in the family, and the penultimate Harry Potter movie was on the menu.  That means one more to go before the Star Wars indoctrination can begin...

I am around one thirds in with the last book as well, but I fear I must confess I am finding it harder and harder to objcetively watch the films, as the books are outshining them by far.

For example, the whole first 200 pages of the book are handled in the first 15 minutes of the book, only to be getting explanations on the road of events that happen there later on (like the `kiss the snitch` part for example).

And then there is the fact of Malkander`s wife interrogation.  If you haven`t read the book, one does not know exactly WHY she is being interrogated by the Ministery, or how Mad-Eye`s eye ends up in her door.

But apart from that, the movie is clearly a `setting up` movie to prepare for events in the final instalment.  We learn of the titular Deathly Hallows through father Lovegood, who isn`t a Death eater but tries to capture Harry in exchange for his daughter Luna.  It represents well the uncertainty and the fear that is striving amongst the magic user community for both Voldemort and the ministery, as everyone knows something is wrong but most don`t dare to stand up to it.

It was an `okay` movie for me, but not one of the better ones in the series, I`m still sticking with 2 and 4 as `the best` for me personally though.  Although that Shell cottage has caught my eye ;-) and at least it had Fleur in it... though I seem to have misspot Krum.

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