donderdag 17 december 2015

What to build, what to build...

Well, the year slowly draws to a close, one more week to christmas, two more and we wave 2015 farewell...

And that also means it is about time to slowly start selecting my `MOC build goals` for 2016... 

Now the problem with an overactive mind and way to much inspiration out there in the big bad world, is that I have been keeping a list of things I would love to (try and) build on the display, vignette, moc and whotnot`s levels... and it became just to huge.

So I am going to have to filter down things, realising just as well that during the year fresh ideas will be popping up as I read stuff, imagine stuff in the mind`s eye, watch series and movie, community projects... have the displays I want to build for certain Lego lines...

So here is the `not so short` list I have drawn up at the moment, I`m planning on filtering out until I have about 10 realistically possible projects for next year left in the coming two weeks, but it`s going to be some hard calls at some projects wether to go for it or not.

1. Tolkien Displays

Still have quit a few to do in this category, but this is a bit of an `eternal` project and doesn`t have to be ready anytime soon for a convention or the like.

* Goblin Town
* Mordor
* Moria
* Mirkwood
* Erebor
* Helm`s Deep
* Dol Guldur
* Isengard
* The Shire
* Corsairs of Umbar

I aim to complete at least one of those next year, probably going for the The Shire build on this one. 

2. Age of Mitgardia

The long running project over at Eurobrick`s Guilds of Historica, I managed to `pinch` three off the list this year, still having slightly under a dozen remaining.

* Walls Phase 3
* Archery Phase 3
* Barracks Phase 3
* Stables Phase 3
* Mill Phase 3
* Tower Phase 3
* House Phase 3
* Inn Phase 2
* Inn Phase 3
* Gatehouse Phase 2
* Gatehouse Phase 3

I`m defintily going to be doing the two remaining phase 2s in that list, and hopefully with some community events going to try and manage to complete one or two full categories, most likely the House and the Stables series.

3. Superheroes

I like building small vignettes for various superheroes, easily transportable to sci-fi and comic conventions, and for the moment I have some prime candidate builds

* In Lantern`s Light (Green Lantern)
* The Winter Soldier

4. Harry Potter

These have to be ready for FACTS next october, and are currently a bit on the front of my build listings.

* Expelliarmus!
* Philosopher`s Stone display build

5. Jurassic World

Like Lord of the Rings, I`m trying to make displays for existing sets in this line, though like the Aviary and the Visitor Center are full scale MOC builds incorporating also some of the older Lego line dinosaurs.

* Dilophosaurus
* Velociraptor
* Tyrannosaurus Rex
* Indominus Rex
* The Aviary
* Visitor Centre

The aim on these guys is probably to complete at least one, more likely two of the displays by the time Brick Mania Antwerp comes along again.

6. Project Merak

My home made layout project that incorporates a variety of older and newer Castle, Kingdoms and other suitable builds, these don`t really have deadlines to go with them, but never the less it does help in keeping my cabinets ordened instead of a scattering of loose sets everywhere

* Medieval village
* The King`s Castle
* The Fire Lord
* Dragon!
* The Enchanted Pool
* Elfin Woodlands
* The River

Everyone of them that I get finished the coming year is a bonus, but they don`t have any serious deadlines or `must be ready for convention X or event Y', so no stress on those parts.

7. Star Wars

These two are also rather at the front of the list, as I would love to have them ready for the two-weeker duo of Antwerp Convention / StarCom beginning of July.

* Order 66
* The Arrival of the X-Wings

8. Gundam

This must be the `big one` for 2016.  I definilty, seriously want to have one, if not both, ready for FACTS and draw some lookers for it.  Not sure which one will be done first, probably the Zaku as he needs less support then the Freedom in joints, and might be more suited to get the necessary techniques in the fingers.

* LunaMaria`s Gunner Zaku
* X10-A Dieci Freedom

9. And the other stuff

And then of course there are some more thingies to do...

* Timeline build BeLUG layout
* Mouse Guard

Especially the first one is rather important, as it really, really needs to be ready by the time Brick Mania Wetteren arrives in the beginning of April. 

So yes, that is quite a list of ideas running around in my mind, so serious filtering will be required the coming days.  If I can bring the list down to about 10 from the currently 44 things I want to do, I`ll be rather content with myself.

And if I can manage to build about 7 or 8 out of those 10, I think I`m going to call it a big succes in 2016 :-) 

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