zaterdag 26 december 2015

Fafner in the Azure: Exodus season 2

The second season of this excellent anime mecha series came to a conclusion today, and by god do I love this series.

In this second part of the "Dead Agressor" tale, the inhabitants of D-Island come together with a UN faction in order to find a safe haven for humanity from the Festum, all the while supported by another great soundtrack by An`gela.

The thing that makes this series a great series is the classic struggle for survival, with switching political influences by other governments as is often seen in other Mecha series, but this series has a certain rawer undertone.  On the one hand you have the convoy guarded by `mainstay characters` and on the other hand the island that sails to the rendez-vous guarded by the new generation.

But unlike other series, this one suffers casualties... heavy casualties amongst BOTH parts of the main cast.  Including even the fall in the end of one of the four `legendary` pilots from the earlier 2004 series, Souchi.

As I said in the first series review, the series has a look not unlike my all-time favorite mecha series, Gundam SEED (and SEED Destiny), with Kazuki makabe looking a lot like Athrun Zala, and the action is high paced and gorgeously drawn.

The whole assimilation process does tend to be a bit confusing at the beginning, as do the whole Core / Myr / Festum relationship did in the first season, but those strange occurances are well explained in this season, and sheds a whole light on the reasons of `being` of the Festums.

A clear winner for a mecha series, so if you like giant robots, heroics and drama, be sure to have a look at this series!

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