woensdag 23 december 2015

I Love That Minifigure - DK Publishing

The latest book I added to the Legobrary, this is a nice stroll through the memory lane for AFOL`s and minifigure lovers alike.

Written in the same fun tone as for example the Collectible Minifigure book, it details all sorts of `regular` (so no animals, element build of bigfigs) minifigures from all the lines.

It gives a feel of some of the rarer figures out there, without just listing all those SDCC ones exclusively, but also `iconic` figures like the first female face printed figure from the Pirates theme way back in 1989.

It`s an enjoyable stroll through memory lane, and I was amazed to see quite a few figures I have (parted out) in my boxes somewhere.

As with most of these books, it also comes with an exclusive figure, the Zombie Skateboarder.  he is a reworked version of the Skateboarder from the CMF series... but unfortunatly for me rather next to useless to incorporate in my usual builds.  Never the less, he is well executed, especially the updated sweater is fantastic if you know the original one :-)

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