zaterdag 26 december 2015

Lego Build: 40133 Kangaroo

In today`s build, I`m tackling this years august mini build model, the kangaroo.  Now, I know these sets are only available to children during a day event in official Lego stores, but bare with me for a moment.

During the LCC "AFOL Night" I reported on at the end of october, those present received a goody bag with sponsored items, and this Kangaroo was a gift to the 15 or so souls present from the Lego store in lille (France).

Opening the polybag, we get a selection of brown and tan bricks (woop woop, they will be duly recycled after I build this beast) and the instruction leaflet.

The brickbuild kangaroo is started by using one of the inverted roofelements, and connecting it with a hinge piece to be able to make the bellybag later on.

To either side of this the pouch, the legs are attached, made up of a sloped element as the central element.

The sides and back of the beastie are then build up, together with the short toparms.

Add to this a swivelling piece to connect all the sides of the body together.  We add the tale at the back, and the youngling for in the pouch.  Now to be honest, that is perhaps the weakest part of the build, looks like an ugly kid they made...

The final part of the build is the head, which uses the eyes nowadays found in the Mixels range.

And we get some nice extra parts

The kangaroo, ready to hop around in your own Lego land zoo

But there is a rant about this build.  As I said at the start of this build, we received a goody bag of exclusives, for which the organisers from LCC (Lego Collector`s Club, a belgian / dutch Facebook group) did a lot of effort in putting them together.  Driving around, I imagine some begging even, for a whole set of both official and third party products.

One of them was a small Wall-E model, with an LCC instruction sheet.  They had three left they sold for the actual cost covering price to FB group members, now considering this is a 1000+ members group and there where only 20 of the buggers around, this was something for the collector.
Now someone that bought one of those remaining 3 quickly tried to flip it in another FB group for 15 euro start bid.

Call me a moral crusader, but there is a difference between a (wannabee) scalper who swoops in on still relatively high numbers produced Ideas sets, or people like this.  If everyone tries to sell everything, you must not be suprised that goodie bags or exclusives will soon be a thing of the past, there IS a difference between wanting to invest in Lego as it is a safer bet then your bank account intrest rate for the moment, OR just being a plain rude ass towards people that put a lot of effort in to get some sort of community going outside being an official LUG.

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