dinsdag 29 december 2015

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Okay, so you buy this movie on some garage sale for a few eurocents, and think that it is something cool with the kid to watch down the road somewhere.

After all, I watched the Deoxys one with his mum and him a few weeks before and it was `okay`.

Fast forward about three years, the movie has never been seen, and when the kid wants to toss awau some movies he feels to have become to old for, this one is on the stack of the pile.

I THINK NOT!  Well, apart that it isn`t even his to toss to begin with, I still needed to watch this Pikachu adventure after all.


The film opens with Jackie Walker, a Pokémon ranger undercover, infiltrating Phantom the Pirate’s ship and retrieving a special Pokémon egg.
Later Ash Ketchum along with his Pikachu, Brock, May, and her younger brother Max stumble upon the Marina Group, a traveling family circus consisted of water and psychic-type Pokémon. They meet Elizabeth, the star and daughter of Kyle and Meredith, performers and Kyle’s father Chip, the conductor.
 After a little demonstration show, May has a dream with her encountering a temple under the sea and a mysterious Pokémon. That morning she explains it to everyone and it turns out that Marina Group have all had that dream and tell the others about a group of people called the People of the Water, stating that they are in relation with them.
Jackie explains that the egg belongs to a legendary water-type Pokémon called Manaphy and that his mission is to deliver it to Samiya, the sea temple.
Ash and the others learn that Samiya can blend in with the water and only appears during a rare lunar eclipse. Jackie mentions that they must protect Manaphy from Phantom or else Phantom will find and steal Samiya’s treasure, the sea crown, however Jackie feels concerned over May and Manaphy’s developing relationship.

They arrive at Samiya during the lunar eclipse, unaware that Phantom has been following them. Phantom encounters the group in Samiya and opens the door to the sea crown. Elizabeth, Brock and Max are forced to leave the temple. Ash manages to save Samiya just after it floods completely and the temple rises to the surface. Phantom is defeated revealing his abnormal strength to be powered by a mecha suit, Jackie’s mission is complete.

It`s a typical Pokemon movie, but it does have a twist from the series in that our all time favorite yellow hamster is actually playing a very limited role in this one, centring around May the most.  Sure, it is Ash once more that saves the day, but that is about all he gets to do in the whole film.

It`s not the most spectacular from the whole plethora of Pokemon films so far, and has a rather large amount of blahblah-ness to it, but in the end it still is an enjoyable little movie, suitable for those that are in the process of sorting through kilo`s of bricks at the same time ;-)

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