maandag 21 december 2015

Koken Eten: Hunter`s Dish

Today, I made something simple you can easily do with your kids.  Well, except that my Santa`s Little Helper disappears whenever potatoes need to be freed of their skin, but heck.

Another thing this is good for is to hide `not their favorite` vegetable in it.  While this recipy uses carrots (always popular) and selery (not so much), you can exchange that for collyflower and brocolli, or leek and mushrooms for example.

The main ingredients are simple as hell: minced meat (I use a mix of pork and veal), about double that amount of potatoes, carrots and selery.  I don`t `do` exact weights, but try to make the total of about 1/4th meat, 1/4th veggies and half of it potatoes for the mash.

The only other things you will need are butter, milk, pepper, salt and nutmeg.  You also need a single onion, but since it`s winter and the local winter onions aren`t that great, I used some sjalots instead.  Can`t be easier.

While the potatoes are peeled and cooking to be made into a simple mash, fruit the vegetables in a different pot until they are glazed over.  Use some butter for this, with some salt and pepper, and do this on a medium fire.

When the taters are cooked, add a cube of butter, a good pour of milk, and the pepper, salt and nutmeg to one`s taste.  Mash this all together and then put aside for a moment.

The vegetables are glazed by now, and put in the minced meat and some more butter to bake them `rhul`, aka when they start turning a grayish brown.  Just don`t bake them to hard, or it will become to dry afterwards.

When the meat is ready, butter in a large oven dish and pour the vegetable and meat mix in it.  Cover this up with the potato mash.

Put it in the oven for half an hour, and you`re all done.

Labour rating: 0 - as I said, this can be easily done with children, just remain at their side so they don`t chop of their fingers or burn their hands.

GF and Smurf Appreciation rating: 9 - I was a bit amazed by such high points, as it`s dead simple and nothing spectacular, but on these rainy days it apparently is a winner.

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