donderdag 3 december 2015

Lego Build: 70705 Bug Obliterator

In today`s build I`m putting together a set from what was perhaps the final `true space` range of Lego for the moment, Galaxy Squad.

Though brighter in colours then classic Space, it featured all the fun things of the old days, including secondary vehicles that combined into a big spaceship.

The box also contains a smaller Insectoid vessel, and opening the box we get a heap of part bags, the booklet and a sticker sheet.

The first bag includes two of the four present minifigures, with the insectoid warrior and the male spacenaut.

This also starts the first build, the smaller vessel for the insectoids which looks like a big Dragonfly.

The bodywork is made up in a plethora of different colours, based around the black circle connector to attach the legs to afterwards.

With the legs and the mandibles present, we get to see the basic body outline of the small ship, to which we add the segmented, transparent wings.

We then move on to the back side of the body, which is a big stinger tail that can bend all to the top of the beast.

The beast also carries a sort of cocoon pod on it`s back.  This can be detached and used to capture an unfortunate Galaxy Quester.

The third minifigure we come across is the assistant robot crewman and his mighty big gun.

He will be commandeering the car part of the spaceship, a detachable AFV that will be held underneath the dropship vessel and comes with an extendable gunrack.

Once the wheel axles are in place, we start filling up the bodywork with two white `pit` sections, the front one is for the driver, while the back one shows where the cannon will come.

The headlights are then attached.

Next we move on to the mechanics that will raise and lower the cannons.  Once this is installed, a plethora of handles and computer screens are added to the command pit... though it seems a bit unhandy for me to drive and control the screen behind the back of the driver to be honest.

The bodywork around the command seat is then build up further.

The cannon contains push levers that enable you to actually flick fire the battery.  This is then attached to the bodywork, lowered behind the cockpit section.

The canopy is then installed, and the car is completed, including a spot to place the robot`s big gun on to allow for just that bit more of firepower.  Overkill anyone???

We start the framework next for the dropship, build around a set of Technic bars to allow it to not only carry the weight of the wings later on, but also give it mobility.

At the back, a push handle is installed to `launch` the car with when the build is finished.

After the front guns are mounted, we close up the whole technic construction with the use of dark grey plates.

Wings are added to the top, and pieces to the bottom to allow the vessel to comfortly rest on your tabletop.

More technic pieces are then used to allow the wings to be clipped on afterwards in a slightly angled position.

The final minifigure in the set is the female spacenaut.  I really love the head element with the intense blue lipstick, a part I`ll definitly be using for my fantasy builds.

The whole aft section between the wings gets a lift treatment as well, as the cockpit of the drop vessel will also be able to rise and lower.

Behind this lift, the engine hausing is being build up.  And it`s a mighty big engine!

We then create the actual pit in which the pilot will be seated, with the second part of the needed lifting mechanism.

When the mechanics are ready, the whole section is covered up and the canopy attached.  This then fits nicely onto the bodywork of the dropship.

This leaves us with the wings to go.  They are build around hinges, to allow them movement when mounted on to the dropship body afterwards.

Various sections are build onto white wingplates, allowing the angle to be created with the help of those hinge elements.

Adding secondary engines and for a change, more cannons (that poor bug is truly going to get obliterated), the wing stands ready.

A mirrored build is then made for the other side as well.

And then they are connected to the bodywork of the dropship.

The full set completed, in it`s "deployed" mode:

And in it`s "combined" mode:

We of course also get a bit of extra parts from the set:

Now personally, I LOVE the combiner fact of the set, working it all nicely into each other, and the play features are great on this particular vessel.

BUT, I`m afraid that the ship is to heavy and a bit to topbalanced to be really `swooshable`, especcially for younger kids which might cause it to go into a free flight by itself...

Nevertheless, it`s a nice machine of spacey destruction!

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