donderdag 10 december 2015

Classic Lego Build: 7015 The Fenris Wolf

If there is one theme I really regret having missed due to my `Dark Ages`, it must be the Viking range.

This 7 set range consisted of brave Norse fighting off all kinds of mythical beasts, so when I got my hands on the smallest of the range well under BrickLink price, I was really thrilled.

Containing 69 pieces, the set also comes with a mighty Viking warrior that will be facing off the legendary wolf Fenrir.

In order to aid him with this task, he also comes with a spear and shield pavise to keep the beast at bay.

The wolf is made of mainly Technic pieces, granting it great poseability.

Based around a brown two hinge piece, the backside and the front leg supports are added.

The legs themselves are made up of T-junctions and droid arms to connect them, while the clawed feet are made of connecting pieces.

These are then added to the body of the wolf.

The backplate and tail are added before we start working on the head of the beast.

Build around a headmold, teeth peices are added as ears while a small red Technic pin is slid through to give it it`s red eyes.

The teeth are added and the head is then connected to body to complete the monster.

And the full set completed:

Now keep watching this blog the coming weeks, as I`ve been including the set in my Project Merak lay-out, but I still need to make pictures of that display piece first :-)

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