woensdag 9 december 2015

Lego Build: 30276 First Order TIE Fighter

With today exactly one week to go for the new Star wars film, The Force Awakens, opens here in the movie theatre`s, it seemed only fitting to do a build of the new Lego sets.

And the choice fell on the small version of the TIE fighter, a small ship where I have some MOC plans with as soon as I get my hands on the today revealed Poe Dameron`s X-Wing polybag.

Opening the bag, we get the stack of bricks and the small instructions booklet.

We start by building the central core first, to which the iconic sideplate wings of the fighter will be attached to.

The back comes with a gun like device, as the new TIE`a are apparently dual seater vessels with a backgunner judging by the trailers.  The front canopy window is a nice little printed dish element.

The wings are a dual build, as we get two identical wings for the fighter, the well known `tennis ball between plates` look.

Once they are both completed, the only thing to do is attach them to either side and the TIE fighter is ready to rain death and destruction on the Rebellion.

And we have a few extra pieces to boot...

It is a nice little build, and greatly in scale for an idea I have, but time will tell if I actually manage to pull it off, we`ll see in a few months ;-)

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