donderdag 17 december 2015

Star Wars The Clone Wars season 1

With all things being Star Wars-y lately, I have been doing some catching up on `things still to watch`, and (shame on me) The Clone Wars series, which debuted almost a decade ago, is still amongst that.

This five season spanning animation series bridges the events between the second and the third prequel movies, and chronicles the events that happened during the War, how Grievous and Dooku worked to tumble the Senate and how Anakin strided the path to Jedi knighthood.

It starts with him getting an apprentice for his own, Ahsoka, and how he tries to teach this mouthy padawan the ways of the Force, though he tends to use `unorthodox` methods to accomplish this.

In the first season, we mostly have stand alone episodes, though there are some recurring characters over the 22 episode long season.  It introduces some more background matrial (considered canon) on various other Jedi knights that pop up in the season.

The overal `idea` behind the season is the struggle of both Jedi and Sith to convince independant planets to pick their side in the war, and the ways of how to achieve this that vary for both of them.

The only thing I had with it, is `adapting` to the animation style, being a child of the 80s style cartoons and lover of current day anime drawing styles, but overal it was `rather enjoyable` to watch, to I`m not going to label it by far as a must see classic...

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