woensdag 16 december 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6697 Rescue-I Helicopter

In today`s classic build, I`m putting together another one of the collection I bought off a friend of mine, the 1985 set Resue I.

Part of the Coastal Guard subrange from Classic Town, this was a set that numbered 76 parts and two minifigures.  It`s still pretty amazing after 3 decennia how few pieces the old Lego sets actually contained.

Both minifigures are blue uniformed pilots, with one getting a yellow lifevest, using the mold that the famous knights from the `Yellow Castle` sported back then in grey.

It`s a yellow helicopter, so it doesn`t seem amazing at all that it is based upon an inverted rooftile with a 2x8 plate as it`s core.

Other inverted slopes are added to this to get the full bottom of the copter.

This is then build up while the pilot seat and controls are inserted.

As we install the front windshield, the winch for the diver and the open side door are also made onto the base of the helicopter.

While the tail end is then build and connected to the bodywork, the top section gets closed off while placing a simple landing gear underneath.

And so the only thing remaining is to add the main propellor to the helicopter and we have ourselves a rescue chopper to save the unfortunate victims at sea.

The full set completed:

The copter ended up in the end to be traded away for some bits and pieces I wanted for myself, but it was a nice build nevertheless and quit a looker for the limited number of parts actually included in the set.

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