woensdag 23 december 2015

Lego Build: 76010 The Penguin Face-Off

In this build report I`m tackling one of the smaller Batman sets I bought last year in a (fruitless) effort to win the Batpod.

Not that it matters THAT much though, I had my eye on this one for a while and that was just the perfect excuse to finally get it.

The box grants us 3 bags of parts and an instruction booklet.

Included are Scuba gear Batman and of course the Penguin.  While I`m not a fan of the Bat in his not `regular` costume incarnations, the Penguin does look fantastic with his umbrella and all.

The first build is the underwater-ski vehicle Batman is piloting.  This is based at the core from a 2x4 yellow plate.

Upon this sloped black elements are added to give it a boat like look, and great dark blue fins for his `wings`.

The back section features more of the wings, and makes great use of the horse carriage part. 

Both sections are then connected resulting in a body work that, in my eyes, resembles a bit the profile of a shark, pretty nifty.

Add the noseslope with the venerable logo to the bodywork, and the Bat has a mighty flick missile armed submersible.

But yet, the second build is perhaps so much cooler, as that is no less then the Penguins `rubber ducky` ship.

Using grey angled pieces on yellow `ship bottom` elements, we can get the feel of the slender form of the vehicle.

Coming with Mixel eyes, the duckhead has a great `innocent` look to itself.

Two wings are then build to make the sides of the boat, and we add a small propeller to the backend as means of propulsion for it.

The final thingie to build in the set is a simple piece of ice, on which two vilainous, mind controlled (and brickbuild) penguins sit ready with dynamite to face the Caped Crusader!

The full set completed:

And quite a nice stash of extra parts, considering it is both a small and a franchised box:

I really liked this little set, and think personally the rubber ducky is fantastic.  Even to that extend that I am going to be including it in a medieval build, with some slight modification, in the future... you`ll see ;-)

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