vrijdag 25 december 2015

The Hobby Goals for 2016

Oh well, might as well just bite the bullet and complete the whole listing for 2016 for the hobby goals, I still got time as I`m recuperating from the christmas eve dinner, and waiting for christmas day dinner.  Oh my stomach...

I am going to go really ambitious for 2016, with a lot of big plans and sharp deadlines for MOC`s this year, to put the pressure a bit on my personal cettle.  This will allow me to keep sorting as I search for parts as well, and go through some movies, series and anime`s while I am doing that :-).

So starting from today (okay, that gives me an extra week, but I always close off the objectives listings during the week between christmas and new year anyways), here are the goals I`ve set myself for the hobby in 2016.

The Funding Goal: the 10210 Imperial Flagship

The big one for this year, as it currently goes around 500 to 600 euro, and then the shipping and all to come with it.  So this should keep me motivated to the far end to keep off some bad habbits, and keep putting the money in a pot for it.  You see, I`m a person who needs short term motivation and deadline stress to get things done, and the long hauls are just things I don`t live by.  Can`t help it, that is just me and who I am.

Lego Builds

The selection has been made, and these are the display and MOC`s I`m going to aim for to complete for various conventions in 2016.

Lord of the Rings The Shire display: like the displays of `going together` sets I did so far, next year the goal is going to be to build a large one of The Shire.  While the `central part` will be the Unexpected Gathering set, I hope to make it with a large hill, circling road (for Gandalf`s Cart) and some village life to incorporate all the various polybag sets.

Harry Potter Philosopher`s Stone display: using the very old now `yellow` Harry Potter sets, I`m going to try and build a Hogwarts tower that incorporates the three sets that revolved around the movies finale, with all the tests they had to get through before confronting You-Know-Who.

Jurassic World Dilophosaurus: the set I selected from my collection to make a second display from the range for, in the style (but obviously larger) of the Gallimimus I did the past year.  The dino`s are child pleasers at events anyways :-)

Harry Potter Expelliarmus! MOC: based on the second movie when this spell first shows up, this smaller Harry Potter moc is one of those I want ready for the next sci-fi convention, as I`m going to try and go there one day with only Potter builds.

Star Wars Order 66: a smaller MOC for a galaxy far far away, I want to build a vignette of the moment my favorite Jedi Aayla (rawrrrr) get betrayed by Order 66.  The colourful plants and such from this scene lends itself perfectly to bright and cheery, yet gloomy moment Lego building.

Star Wars Arrival of the X-Wings: for me the most heroic moment of the new movie, I was so impressed by it I just want to build a MOC of the X-Wings coming in over the water.

Gunner Zaku: this year I mean serious business.  I`m going to be building at last the mecha I always wanted, or at least one of two, and that will be LunaMaria`s pink and red Gunner Zaku from SEED Destiny.  That`ll also be a good test to go for the more ambitious Freedom afterwards once I got this whole frame thing nailed.

BeLUG Timeline: a collab project from our LUG, this will involve the (bit of twisted) neolithic age for me, something I already began some work on this week and will be incorporating the mitgardian cavemen build I did in 2014.

Thunderbird One: a last moment addition actually, as I can`t stop playing around with the old Matchbox toy I have of it.  I`ll be trying to make a MOC of the first of the Thunderbird vessels when it launches from the swimming pool.  Who knows, if this works out perfectly, I might end up one day doing Tracy Island (okay, that is unlikely, but who knows).

Of course, building with deadlines for conventions in mind, also means I`ll be trying to attend some conventions during 2016.  My personal goal to be able to be present will be 5 events.  Last year I managed 6 actually, due to the unexpected attending of BM Liege, so 5 will be a realistic goal to aim my deadlines on, starting this year probably with Brick Mania Wetteren

The Blog Backlog

During 2016, I`m going to commit myself to type up the necessary material I got in my backlog, including sets I`ve build as far back as 2013 in the meantime, but haven`t gotten around to putting them online.  So for this year, I aim to have at least 50 build reports (both current and classic ones) on these pages, in order to get the map on my PC sorted a bit more and make it all less chaotic in there :-)

The Screentime Backlog

Another thing I really need to do, as for example I need to still watch even season 1 of for example The Walking Dead, is to reduce all those movies, series and anime`s I`m running behind on.  So to that end, I aim to watch (and brabble) about at least 25 movies, 10 anime series and 10 regular series during 2016.  Okay, so I might be able to `cheat` on this department as I`m expecting one or two anime series to end the coming week (Fafner and Logos), but in between those, I still have a LOT of stuff to watch.

So yes, I have my stuff cut out for the coming year, and that is not counting all the other things I`ll probably end up doing in between, having the focus span of a goldfish and the likes ;-)

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