dinsdag 15 december 2015

Lego Build: 10687 Spider-Man Hideout

Okay, I admit. I bought this last summer for one reason only, and that was the Green Goblin figure included.

It also helps that even while franchised, the Junior sets aren`t in the most expensive range of sets because of them containing few pieces.

But great pieces they are, everything being printed and all.  So opening the box we get three bags of parts and some large elements together with the manual.

The first figures we get is the (standard) Spider-Man and the great Green Goblin.

A Spidey copter is the first part of the build.  While it is basically a dress up of the large one piece copter bodywork, it comes with the awesome spider-man logo printed tiles.

Adding some more details to it like the webbing and the rotors, and the first build of the set is completed.

The second thing in the set is the glider of the Green Goblin.  With launcher and again excellent printed pumpkin face pieces.

The actual hideout is a rather simple build.  It is based around the large printed wall piece.

To this, we add some details like a ladder and a spiderweb.

And at the back we install a slide for a quick getaway from the top floor.

We then get the third figure of the set, a police officer

He drives the final build of this set, a police quad.

There some other small details in the set to be made, like a walking light, a mailbox and the excellent stack of newspapers.

The full set completed:

And the single extra piece included:

As you can see, all builds are indeed `easy to build`, but with the Green Goblin, the pumpkin faces, spider logos, the newspaper elements and even the officer and quad for City builds, this is a great value set for any superhero collector!

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