zondag 13 december 2015

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - JK Rowling

Taking a bit longer then usual as I haven`t been taking trains that much this month (which, considering that mostly is to go to hospital is actually a good thing), I finally finished the 6th book of the series.

And I`m now `even` for the moment between books and movies as I emerge myself further in the lore.

Now what can I say that I haven`t said before?  The books are FAR better then the movies, which is usually the case as the written word can better present feelings and `details` that are left out in films due to time constraints.

But with this book, the movie makers have misplayed the ball big time, going for spectacle over story it seems.  For example, the whole Harry loves Ginny plays out rather different from how the movie showed it.
Forget the Burrows fight in the book, it isn`t there.  Just as sadly Fleur isn`t in the movies and her tense relationship with Molly Weasley as she is engaged to Bill.
But perhaps the biggest difference is that the book focusses on the search of Harry and Dumbledore into the past of Lord Voldemort, in order to find weaknesses and his Horcrux, while this was almost an insignificant sidequest in the movie.

The book plays with a lot of strong feelings, being love, mistrust and most of all frustration, as Harry knows Draco is doing something, and Snape seems involved in it as well, but he can`t produce any evidence which in the end leads to him though being right, he can`t stop Hogwarts from being infiltrated by Death eaters.  Different ones then in the movie to boot...

It was a good read, and the whole delve into the past of Tom Riddle for sure keeps you wanting to read on to slowly unravel the mystery on how Voldemort came to be, without floundering TO much in teenage romance like the film!

It almost feels ashame I started the final 600 pages of the saga now...

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