vrijdag 25 december 2015

The Goals of 2015 Fails and Succes

And so we have arrived in the last week of the year 2015, and the time has come to close off the set goals for the year, and prepare for the new batch.

While for me 2015 was a rather hard year in medical terms, and with not really much improvement on the knee-level in sight for 2016 keeping me house bound, at least I managed to keep focussed "more or less" in hobby aims.

So my 2015 year is actually roughly summed up like this:

Because well, this is my hobby blog and as such it`s a bit irrelevant to have other goals listed here ;-)

Now, before I get to the rundown, let me say first that I `ported` over some of the goals of the past year to the `eternal` section.  Minifigures Online points, finish all PlayStation Lego games, build all Age of Mitgardia series... because those are things like the first two that keep being added and expanded all the time, while the last one is a non-deadline event so that I can build `in between` things I plan for conventions.

So let`s start with the succesful projects of 2015:

Funding the Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit collection

I did it!  Somewhere around july the past year, I managed to obtain the last two sets I needed to complete the full range, including the limit edition SDCC Bilbo Baggins house in a sealed state.  Now I can continue building displays for it, and set up another funding goal to keep me motivated to keep my fags to a bare (social) minimum, chicking the money in pot instead.

Obtain Andromeda`s gates tag

A bit of a science fiction version of Guilds of Historica over on the Eurobricks forum, I joined up and aimed for the tag as the first goal.  While I managed to get it first of the whole corporation I joined, I have more or less quit the game due to it having to high a build rate requirement, with ideally everyone having to chuck out something on a weekly basis...

MOC Builds

Every year, I set myself some MOC`s I really want to build for conventions and the likes, and I achieved most of them this year.  The two `really want to do` Tolkien displays got finished in time, as did the classic Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper and the Harry Potter `family project`.  Next year (more of that in a later post this week) I`m going to go even more ambitious and go for about a dozen `really must try to do` builds.

But of course, there are failed endeavours from 2015:

Build a large MOC for Brick Mania Antwerp

I really wanted to try and build a big castle, but failed in the end.  The reason for this is mainly time restraints, but also the realisation I don`t have the space to put it in one piece, and storing it in boxes to go from con to con is just not my thing.  I have been changing the direction on this the past weeks with my "Project Merak" by combining moc, fantasy and medieval builds on plated sections that can be easily transported for a lay out, but in essence the goal was a failure.

Finish the Mitgardian Army

A 150 strong medieval army was the goal for 2015, and I fell short 5 figures in the end.  Nothing fancy or so, just needed to get two more Chima ice bear tribe boxes for it, but just haven`t gotten round to it.  I expect those sets to pop up somewhere in sales soon as the line ends for 2016, so this will probably be a matter of few weeks anyways before still realising this one, but for the past year, it was a fail.

So all in all, I can`t complain to hard about the past year, nor think I failed to reach all of the set goals.  Looking objectively, from a hobby point of view, I did rather okay, ending only with two minor failed ratings in the end.

So we turn our sight to 2016 now, and later today or tomorrow I`m going to finalise the selection of MOC`s that are definitly on the `to build` list for the coming year.  You know, from that large pile of ideas I had already and listed up last week... and to which some more actually popped into my mind later of which I just had forgotten to mention like a Quidditch stadium...

But for now, have a nice Christmas day, ho ho ho!

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