zondag 13 december 2015

Lego Build: Jurassic World Gate

In today`s build report, I have something special for this side of the Atlantic.  Last summer, with the JW movie hitting theatre`s, TRU in the States had this exclusive minibuild of the famous gate.

Numbering 62 pieces and a decal, the set was only available there in a minibuild event, so it never made it overhere, and the prices on the secondary market are as such for this little build.

Now I was rather lucky with some `via via` networking to get it far under the current BL and eBay prices, and it adorns my shelves in pride.

The build starts with adding grey slopes to the 6x12 green plate.  To that, flat dark grey tiles are added to represent the trails of the route through the gate.

The sides are then build up and closed with a plate to make the famous arched look.  This is then dressed up using grey curved elements.

The next part of the build are the heavy wooden doors of the gate, then connected to the archway.

On the front side, we add some plants and the lit torches.

All that is then left to do is to include a flat tile sporting the parc`s logo on it, and the gate stands ready.

It was a cute build, but one I wouldn`t have paid the 35 to 45 euro it goes for overhere for, as that would make it really expensive at a price... oh who am I kidding, yes I would, it`s just something that can`t be missing in a Jurassic World collection :-)

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