dinsdag 8 december 2015

Inspirational Lego #47

There has been another Brick Mania, so that meant this episode shifted one day in being posted, but here we are again with ten of the most gorgeous finds on the net.

And let`s start off with a quite and relaxing piece of nature.  This Lego made squirrel fits into any season, wether the lawn is green or covered with fallen leaves.  And I adore how the tail was made.

The second build this week is also with a lot of brown in it`s colourscheme, but that is about the only similarity between it and the first build this week.  This huge and powerful mecha just looks the real deal in all it`s steampunky glory.

Building cars in Lego is something like sailing ships, always great stunners to put on the mantlepiece, especcially these old american style ones.

Slowly and steadily we are reaching the moment the Force awakens, and next week the whole episode here will be a special for the new movie, but that doesn`t mean there isn`t a lot of other great builds around.  Take a look here at this tastefull duo of the Dagobah hut on the one hand, and a large Darth Vader mosaic at the other.

One of the more colourfull and seen entries in Shiptember this year was the huge, lime green and purple battlecruiser as seen here:

Talking spaceships, I`m pretty sure I know the designlines of this Neo Space vessel from somewhere.  It seems to come from a great heritage!

World War 2 is a popular theme amongst builders, and here we have an american reconquest of a german town in progress.

I`m a fan of the Mouse Guard, and this scene from the large Alice Finch layout just shows the possibilities for cuteness with them!

We end the series with a great superhero build, as next year some blockbusters in the genre are lined up to go in theatre`s.  Who knows, perhaps the coolest superhero of them all will run into one of his biggest foes again...

That`s it for this week, next week it`s all about the Force Awakens, with already a great couple of MOC`s out there based on the trailers!

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