maandag 7 december 2015

The Haul Report #6

A day later then usual due to an additional Brick mania, whose report is going to follow in am hour or so, here is the oversight of this weeks haul.

And it was a good one, because it was the release of the Doctor Who Ideas set, so of course I got the first sold copy at the local store, added with a calendar and a gingerbread house.

A few days before, I found out a local Action shop had opened, and that one yielded me two bags of Lego, being one of the large Chima figures and a Hero Factory set.

I went back in a few days later for more Lego in the store, but since that was a present I can`t show what I bought, but I can show what I received as gifts :-)  I`m now calendared up in both my office and the kitchen.

The newspaper action brought in another Star Wars polybag, with the A-Wing miniset this week.  One more to go next week and then the action ends, but it`s cheap for a nice part selection.

A pretty cool find I had was a Hot Wheels Enterprise, which would have knocked me back an amazing 1.49 euro, but with 25% reduction on top I just payed slightly over a euro for this nice little thingie.

The new Chima magazine was also in the store, with a Stealthor exclusive figure.

My lovely lass brought along this movie poster of the new Hunger Games movie after a movie visit this week as well, great stuff darling.

The final gain I had is this nice LCC brick which arrived thursday, right on time to go onto the AFOL badge for Liege.

So that`s a very nice haul this week :-)

But now, I`m going to sort pictures for the convention report :-)

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