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Posted by : Tomsche69 zaterdag 10 juli 2021

 Another year to the tally this week, as past friday this old Belgian otaku turned 43.

Yeah, not the youngest anymore as my bones tell me every morning.

And let's start with the most gorgeous gift of all: Thorin's very first drawing!  I got a tear in my eye over this one, and immediatly hung it up in my mancave.

Dolly bought me a young lady for my birthday though, with this gorgeous kimono edition Kurumi from Date A Live.  Such a beautiful figure, she stands proudly displayed in our living room cabinet now.  I`ll do a seperate post on her in the near future.

Thorin also bought me a cool figure for my birthday, with this FunkoPOP Pegasus Seiya.

From my parents there was another nice gift, with this set of 6 Trappist beers.  I know the 4 belgian ones (very well hehehe) in there, and heard about the dutch Zundert one, but never heard, let alone tasted, the british Spencer one.

Finally, after years I went back to Mekanik Strip, a store where I spend fortunes in my youth, and treated myself to a little manga.

I must say their manga section has come a long way from a single cabinet...

I think I`ll be walking there more frequently during my lunch breaks the coming year.

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