maandag 10 augustus 2015

Andromeda's Gates: Geology Lab

Category C for the second challenge of Andromeda`s Gates - Unseen Menace is to build the interior from somewhere on a spaceship, in minifig scale and with your character present.

So I went for the interior of a lab quarters, which I could tie in nicely to my Marden moc I did a few months ago, when I was (as befitting an Ice Planeteer) the first of the corporation to set foot on the icy neighbour of our homeworld.

But then my own stupidity hit me, as I reread the rules and saw it had to be a minimum of 12x12 studs builds, and I have no time at all this week anymore to build something else or to expand on this vignette, so instead I have placed it as a `regular` weekly build again on Marden.

Considering I`m having not much time at the moment to build for AG anyways and get involved in any tactics the corporation is working out currently, I guess that the few builds I will be doing will be set on this icy planet anyways, since I feel most `at home` to work in that direction and keep in touch with my sig-fig anyways.

*** Start Log ***

Augustali 10th, AD 3815

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

As I sit here reviewing the logs from the droid ICE-001 and crosscompare them to the sample of the strange crustalized water he brought along, I noticed an odd chemical reaction in the frozen liquid.
For some unbeknownst reason, this water is radiating an inner heat signal, while remaining in an only slowly thawing state of being frozen hard.  While obviously not permafrost, I guess that due to the special artic conditions of the planet below, even though it orbits close to the system`s sun, there is a certain `fuelling process` going on in it`s molecules.

I am considering and analyzing this phenomena now, and we remain in orbit above Marden until this is cleared out, but as far as I can hypothesise, this might mean these water crystals might actually be an intresting new source of fuel for spatial drives.

If we can develop a way to have them incorporated into a stardrive engine and regulate the process of thawning to increase or decrease the amount of energy these crystals punch out.

*** End Log ***

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