zaterdag 8 augustus 2015

Postal Arrivals and Flea Market Haul

The past two days have been busy for mister postman, as box after box after envelope where delivered to the doorstep.

But to top it all, I also went to a Flea Market today at Luchtbal, Antwerpen and found some small but nice goodies.

But let`s start at the beginning, as my recent Archonia comic order came is, meaning I now have the full set of all the Lego variant covers.  I initially bought only the issues that had the series I pick up now and then on them, but when seeing how high the Marvel`s from a few years went up in price, I played it safe and sorry and completed the collection for them.

Talking superheroes, some more Overpower cards arrived whom I traded for some Lord of the Rings cards through TradeCardsOnline.

And Chu`s BrickLink order to complete a Harry Potter build was there as well.

But then the big things started to come in, starting off with 3 more Gali`s from the Jurassic World line.

As well as my first ever Catawiki purchase, this 7213 Firetruck and Boat set from 2010, which I payed 35 while it is at least 50 on BrickLink.

So off to the Flea Market then!

My first find where two Yellow Power Rangers figures and a cool Lego The Movie holosticker, putting me down for 2 euro.  Bargain, as I`ll be rather easily be trading those Rangers away again.

The next puchase is all mine, the full series of Earth`s Children, of which 3 of the 5 haven`t even been read.  10 euro was a fair price, battering it down from 15.

The next small score where 5 euro for 7 different action figures.  I love the Homer, and have some nice items with them in the Avatar figure, the Biker Mice and Gambit in peticular.

Of course, I needed to find some Lego, it`s one of those unwritten laws of the universe.  And these two race cars for 2 euro each isn`t a bad bargain.

But the final score is perhaps the coolest, as I found a Thunderbird 1 from the 92 Matchbox line, in great shape and excellent stickers, for only a single euro.

All in all, a great 48 hours ;-)

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