dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone - J.K. Rowling

Okay, I`m agreeing with Chu now, the books ARE better then the movies.

When I watched the first film, I was a bit underwhelmed and couldn`t understand the `binge reading` that happened when the books came out.

So I went over to Awesomebooks and found all books in a bundle for a measly 17 euro incl shipping to Belgium, and started reading the first one a few days ago.

It`s finished.  Now agreed, at 212 pages it`s the shortest of them all, but I`m usually a person that only reads on the toilet, five minutes before going to sleep, on the bus or in the bathtub.  I spend every free minute I had reading this book, finishing it in Cochem two days ago.

I loved it.  I`m starting to understand where the `Pottermania` comes from now.  Yes, I`m a converting into a (moderate) fan.

The book has the usual more detailed events that can`t be crammed into a movie, but they are written in a lightly yet intense style, catching my attention and getting me to read front to end as quick as i could.

And it has given me a LOT of ideas for Lego, but that is something for a later post, as I have to update my wish list still with on the one hand some HP sets, and on the other hand deleting some that I have come to terms with I`ll never own, like R2.

But if you`ll excuse me now, I`m going to continue reading in the Chamber of Secrets...

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