maandag 10 augustus 2015

Minifigures Series 14 rarity and Dimensions characters

A few very intresting pictures came online the past weekend, giving some `much needed answers` to us AFOL`s.

We now know what characters will be appearing in Dimensions as the Midway Arcade figure is included, and what the distribution ratio on a box of 60 will be for the series 14 minifigures.

 WhiteFang has been doing his usual great work again on this, I`m just a bit `arrghed` in that both the Spider Lady and the Banshee are in the rarest slots, while the most common ones are also for me personally are the three least intresting from the series.

And they are Minifigure Online compatible!!

Now this, this is very handy.  I can already `guess` which sets from Wave 1 are going to be on the inital shopping list for myself, though in the end I`m aiming for them all.  But for starters, that will be the Jurassic World, the 3 Lord of the Rings and the Benny set :-)

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