vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

My Brickagram Price has arrived

Today, I was amazed by the swiftness of the english mail, as a price I`d won past monday was already at my doorstep.

So, it`s a lot of parts and figures from this set for use in MOC`s, especially an extra `King Thorin` and his cousing are great additions, and one can never have enough Eagles (Legolas`s is another matter though).

The contest was to take a picture of yourself or your sig-fig in an `extreme environment`, and I entered my travelling companion and Mitgardian hero Hagen when he was posing in France, at the Cirque de Morezes. 

This picture got selected by the three person jury for the awesome nature sight, and I won my very first Facebook contest as such.  A copy of the Battle of the Five Armies from the last The Hobbit wave. 

My winning entry:

So yup, it pays off to have him along on my trips :-)

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