maandag 3 augustus 2015

Jurassic World review

Finally we made it to the movie theatre!  With the kid having holidays and a heap of full calendars and weekly away trips, we had a hole today and went to see this blockbuster.

Now, I always loved the original one (okay, the book was better even) and so it was great to see this new episode in the series.

The movie was produced as a stand alone in mind, which is great as it doesn`t set up sequel points left and right, and builds on the early trilogy in a non-repeating or rechewing matter. 

Isla Nublar has finally became the amusement park the late John Hammond had dreamt off, but unfortunatly to boost attendance numbers, new creatures, or `assets`, have to be found.  Enter Dr Wu, who plays a very mischievous part in this and has created a very intelligent, highly evolved monster out of T-rex and Raptor DNA, mixed in with some other beasties allowing it to `cloak` for example.

When this beast gets out, things quickly go south.  Claire, the operations manager of the park, and Owen, a marine involved in trying to tame and train raptors, go out to find Claire`s nephews and are hunted by the monster.

The references to the old movies are just fantastic, like the old visitor center, still having the banner of the final sequences there lying on the floor.  And the T-rex is actually that beast of 20 years ago, still sporting the scars of the raptor attack.

It was a great movie and awesome entertainment, and in the meanwhile it has been become known that there will indeed be a fifth Jurassic movie in a few years, which we can only sheer about.  Screw storylines over multiple movies, sometimes a cinema visit just has to be pure relaxation.

Now if only the GF would stop making so much noise when something happens ;-)

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